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Try a demo to see what details are represented in EUCB process

The data that EUCB provides is retrieved at moment of request making it always up to date and always relevant. EUCB works on equal exchange pricinple. Information that you recieve from EUCB partners will be information that you provide. Here you can review the type of data that is being exchanged in EUCB system.

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How does EUCB work

Below you can see a scheme of how EUCB works, and a complete list of data fields
Data field name Description
customer_id client ID in the database
created client's registration date and time
status registration status: confirmed/not confirmed (1/0)
enabled client's profile status: on/off (1/0)
last_created date and time of the last taken Loan
last_created_ext extension date and time of the last taken Loan
rejected number of a rejected applications
last_rejected date of the last rejected application
credits_count total number of Loans taken
credits_ext_count number of a loan extensions
credit_orders_count number of loan applications waitting to be approved
credits_sum total amount of Loans taken (including the extensions)
expired_count number of overdue loans which were late and are already covered (including the extensions)
expired_sum total amount of payments covering overdue loans (including the extensions)
last_paid last date of a payment that closed a loan or extension
curr_expired_count number of currently overdue loans
curr_expired_sum amount of currently overdue loans
curr_max_delay number of the delayed days of a currently active loan
curr_count number of currently active loans
current_debt current debt sum (Including loan amount, loan fee, other fees, penalties)
max_expire latest return due date of overdue debts
avg_month_sum average monthly repayable amount (calculated by formula AVG((loan amount+loan fee)/duration *30) for all loans, not including the extensions)
current_s_debt scheduled debt (debt of a monthly payment instead of a full loan debt)
max_s_expire latest payment date according to loan‘s monthly payment schedule.
last_delay number of the delayed days of a last loan (either active or closed)
max_delay the maximum number of days that have passed after loan's due date
sold_loans number of a sold loans
sold_last_created date of a last sold loan
writeoff_sum written off amount
last_created_writeoff date of a last written-off loan or extension
realname name and surname (national symbols have to be in unicode\uXXXX)
e-mail client’s e-mail address
mob_phone mobile phone number
ip IP address of a last login (if client has not yet been connected to the system – registration IP address)
last_visit date and time of a last login/attempt to login
last_payment_date last payment date. Doesn‘t matter if it covers some loan or not. (this parameter is used to indicate client‘s positive activity)



The database of UAB "EUROPE INFO GROUP" is called EUCB (European Union Credit Bureau), personal data controller number P5602. This is a database of debts and liabilities. EUCB was established and has been running since 2009. EUCB was created for the automation and optimization of the credit business. It is vital information system in order to successfully manage the loan service business.

EUCB currently operates in eight European Union countries: CZCB, PLCB, LTCB, LVCB, UKCB, SKCB, BGCB. All the country's credit institutions are merged into a single credit bureau information system. They see the details of the client, his commitments and discipline, which consists of 35 fields in the database.

If you have any further questions regarding the system, or any inquiries whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by telephone:

+44 1279 937057 +370 640 44 877
[email protected]


For added convinience we are fully integrated with CreditOnline sofware and VOLSOR